E-Bike & E-MTB holidays in Funes - TOP tours in the Dolomites

Life is simple: eat, sleep, e–bike

What's our motto at the Viel Nois?
Smile instead of puffing: because e-bikes make everything easier.

The bike rides around Funes are so spectacular that we'd like to make sure that all our guests can enjoy them. You'll have to pedal quite a lot, of course, but we'll give you a "little push" during those steeper, more tiring climbs. We provide 2 e-bikes for each unit, which you can use throughout your stay (valid from spring to autumn)!

In other words:
Viel Nois always has an ace up its sleeve ... (or in its legs)

The Viel Nois bike services

  • 2 "Cube Reaction Hybrid One 625" e-bikes per unit, available free throughout your stay in spring, summer and autumn
  • Lockable bike store with space for 26 e-bikes
  • Workshop corner with bike stands and main tools for repairs
  • Cycle helmet rental on site
  • You can do minor repairs yourself, but in the event of more serious damage our partner shop Papin Sport will be happy to help
  • Common spare parts such as inner tubes, tyres and brake pads are available at the Guest House
  • Pumps and air compressors also available
We are certified Bett+Bike Sport accommodation:
Preparing for the e-bike tour

The joys of bike-riding: setting off on exciting adventures

Do you prefer pleasant, easy routes, or are you looking for real challenges in the name of sport?
There's a huge variety of cycle routes in and around Funes, to suit every degree of fitness, and at every level of difficulty.

"I thought of that
while riding my bicycle "

- Albert Einstein on discovering the theory of relativity


A trip full of memorable moments

You'll see landlord Michi not only while he's preparing his splendid aperitifs, but also while he's out on his e-bike along with our guests. Michi's cycle trip takes you from San Valentino to Tiso. When you get there, you have the chance to take part in a wine tasting, with a small selection of fine local wines. After that, we go to the Mineral Museum to see the Geodes of Tiso, returning to the Viel Nois Guest House in the early evening.

Trip from Ranui to the Gampen and Geisler mountain huts to Funes

Leave from: Viel Nois Guest House
3:00 h | approx. 21 km | 1.030 hm | Average

Circuit of Muntwiesen meadows

Leave from: Viel Nois Guest House
1:45 h | approx. 12,3 km | 510 hm | Easy

Circuit of Funes mountain huts: Malga Zannes - Malga Glatschalm - Malga Geiser - Malga Casnago

Leave from: Viel Nois Guest House
3:00 h | approx. 16 km | 910 hm | Average

Circuit of the Funes mountain saddles: for trained cyclists

Leave from: Viel Nois Guest House
4:00 h | approx. 27,2 km | 880 hm | Average

Circuit of the Eores valley

Leave from: Viel Nois Guest House
4:30 h | approx. 34 km | 1.390 hm | Average

Biketouren Funes